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Fast Video & Audio
Unlimited video conference duration is included in the FREE plan . Yes, really.
Documents, tools, scribble, and notes organized in dedicated rooms on interactive boards.
Meeting Memory
Cake saves your current progress, so you can continue exactly where you left off. 
Virtual Office Space
Unlimited spaces & rooms with user roles & access management.

Collaborate, teach, present.

Collaborate in a shared workspace.

Bring your apps, files, and people side-by-side when you're not in the same room. Work on projects, and brainstorm ideas in virtual spaces using endless boards. Add dedicated spaces and rooms as your project or company grows.

E-learning for groups of any size.

Organize students in classrooms. Use an infinite scrollable whiteboard for teaching materials, documents, and apps for recurring online courses- all the changes & progress are saved automatically for the following days.

Schedule Product Demos & Webinars.

Setup dedicated landing pages for one-time events for product demos or webinars. Schedule events with a real-time countdown timer and send out invites.

Interactive 3D Galleries

Create interactive and customizable 3D galleries to present art or products. Freely move around the space, communicate and view objects from various angles.

Spaces & ROOMS

Spaces & Rooms.

Organize projects in spaces. Cake is like an infinite virtual workspace that you can expand as you go.

Up to 50 simultanious live members

Access control rights

Real-time & Asynchronious collaboration


Endless virtual boards.

Put anything on boards: notes, tools, screencasts, images. Perfect for presentations, e-learning, collaboratoin and brainstorming. Everyone can stay on the same page while tracking progress.

Scroll & Zoom

Embed your favorite tools

Add sticky notes, GIFs and images


Presenter mode.

Present with presenter mode: your audience will see what you see and focus on elements you want them to focus on. Perfect for webinars or when you need to present something.

Delegate presenter role

Indicator of who is presenting

Conversation mode for intros

Work progress

Save time with meeting memory

Quit looking for links! Keep all of the applications and documents available for the upcoming session in one place.

Track progress

Collaborate in real-time & asynchorniously

No tabs- no mess

Events & Webinars

Perfect for one-time webinars, presentations, product-launches or interactive events.

Create branded landing pages

Allow people to register

Display description and timer

3D Galleries

Create 3D customizable and interactive virtual galleries. Ideal for art galleries or product presentations.

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